Fee Schedule

Fiscal Year 2021-22
See FBO Fee Schedule here

Landing Fees

Aircraft with Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) over 12,500 pounds will be assessed a landing fee. $1.00 per 1,000 pounds MLW.
EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2021 – SBD International Airport will begin utilizing PlanePass(TM) for the billing and payment of airport landing fees. Click here to learn more. 


Transient Aircraft not exceeding 12,500 Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) (Daily parking – more than 2 hours, not to exceed 24 hours)

Daily Monthly
Single Engine $7 $55
Multi-Engine $10 $90
Corporate Jet or Helicopter $20 $165

Aircraft exceeding 12,500 MLW

Non-Permitted Permitted
GROUP IA: Less than 50 feet $60 $25
GROUP IB: 51 to 90 feet $70 $30
GROUP II: 91 to 125 feet $90 $40
GROUP III: 126 to 158 feet $120 $50
GROUP IV: 159 to 199 feet $150 $60
GROUP V: 200 feet and larger $180 $80
Commercial Cargo Flights (per air cargo operation on non-leasehold ramp)

Cargo ground support equipment (GSE) staging pre/post aircraft arrival/departure: $100 per hour
*No charge staging GSE 30-minutes pre/post aircraft arrival/departure

$0.25 per 1000 lbs MLW
Airship Tiedown (more than 4 hours, not to exceed 24 hours – airship operator to provide mast) $150

commercial activity Permits

Commercial Activity Permit*
Annual Permit Fee $1,000 (or $100 payable each month)
Opportunity Fee In addition to Annual Permit Fee, a Monthly Opportunity Fee
of 7% of all gross revenues arising from the permittee’s
commercial activities on the Airport
Common Infrastructure
0.75% of base rent/license fee amount
*No person or for-profit business entity shall sell merchandise or conduct a business or service for hire or compensation on Airport property unless a Commercial Activity permit is first obtained from the Executive Director or designee. The Commercial Activity Permit holder will perform permitted activities only in those areas designated on the permit.
Airport Self-Fueler Permit*
Yearly Permit $700
Six-Month Permit $400
* FAA and City Fire Department regulatory requirements must be satisfied prior to issuance of Permit. Permit does not exempt fuel flowage fees. Self-Fueler Permit requirements and/or fees cannot be waived.

Airport Use

Outdoor Still Photography $3,000 per day
Outdoor Filming $5,000 per day
Outdoor Set-up or Strike $1,500 – $2,500 per day
Still Photography or Events in Passenger Terminal $10,000 per day
Filming in Passenger Terminal $12,500 per day
Passenger Terminal Set-up or Strike $5,000 – $6,250 per day

Fuel Fees

A $.10 per gallon Fuel Flowage Fee will be assessed on all Jet-A Fuel and AvGas Fuel received through the Fuel Farms by Airport Fueling Agents.  Entities storing, or passing fuel through the Fuel Farms shall pay a Fuel Flowage Fee prior to receiving Jet-A Fuel or AvGas from the Fuel Farms.

U.S. Customs Service User Fees per Arrival or Departure

Fees Based on Aircraft Weight (MLW)

Regular service hours are Monday – Friday, 0830 – 1630 PST. An after hour fee of $75 per hour will be applied in addition to the standard User Fee specified.

500 – 5,000 lbs $50
5,001 – 12,500 lbs $150
12,501 – 35,000 lbs $300
35,001 – 100,000 lbs $450
100,001 – 255,000 lbs $550
Over 255,000 lbs $700

Bonded warehouse fees

Per Unit/Per Day Per Unit/Per Month
Pallet $4 $30
ULD $10 $75

Automobile Parking Rates – Terminal Parking Lots

0 – 6 hours Daily Rate
Short-Term Parking Lot (Adjacent to Terminal Building)  $1 per hour  $6
Long-Term Parking Lot (West and North Lots)  N/A  $5

Airport badge Fees

New Badge $20
Replacement for Damaged Badge $10
Badge Renewal $0
Badge Renewal for Expired Badge $40
Replacement for Lost or Stolen Badge $40
Unreturned Badge $60

Except when a valid agreement or lease provides otherwise, the following Fee Schedule shall apply to all airlines, both passenger and cargo carriers, and all other Airport users of SBIAA services as applicable. This Fee Schedule is subject to annual revisions.

  • Fees are due and payable on the first day of each month. Fees will be considered delinquent fifteen (15) days after due date. Ten percent (10%) of gross lease administrative charge will be imposed to cover Airport costs incurred in processing delinquent fees.
  • A twenty dollar ($20.00) administrative charge will be imposed to cover Airport costs incurred in processing Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks.

Download the SBD Airport Fee Schedule