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Conveniently located—an easy drive to Los Angeles and Palm Springs in Southern California—SBD International Airport provides international visitors with a convenient, upscale alternative to other airports as a port of entry into the United States.

Private aircraft operators can enjoy the benefits of flying into uncongested airspace and landing at our exceptional facility by filing an Overflight Exemption with US Customs. Upon approval, you will be able to bypass customary border airports and enter the country at your new destination of choice—SBD.

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Convenient Way to Clear Customs

Into Southern California

Call 909-382-4100


International Flight Clearance

Current U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) policy requires General Aviation and Charter Aircraft to stop at the Southern U.S. Border for clearance. An Overflight Exemption will allow an aircraft to fly past the border to another Port of Entry to clear CBP.

Once an application for a Southern Border Overflight Exemption (BOE) is received, the process may take 4 – 12 weeks. Air ambulances may request a one-time exemption.

Mail Completed Forms to:

Landing Rights Office

Customs and Border Protection

11099 S. La Cienega Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Application Questions?

Landing Rights Office

CBP – LAX: (310) 348-4690

CBP San Bernardino International Airport

Office Phone: (909) 382-7291

Cell Phone: (909) 663-7833


Downloadable Forms

U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Public Bulletin No. LA13 regarding Changes to Southern Border BOE Process

CPB Form 442 – Application for Exemption from Special Landing Requirements (Overflight)

CPB Form 442A – Overflight Pilot / Crewmember Personal Information Release

Landing Rights Request

Information for International Flights which are arriving at, or departing from the SBD International Airport.

SBD is a User Fee Airport.


Landing Rights Request:

  • Should be made with SBD CBP between 0800-1500 PST for same day arrival, with a one hour minimum notice.
  • Should be made with the SBD CBP Office M-F , 0800-1500 PST for any future weekday or weekend arrivals.
  • Should be made no later than 1500 on Friday, for a Saturday, Sunday, or a Monday morning arrival before 0800.


Making an after hours request for permission to land with an ETA for that night or that weekend:

  • Pilot needs to call the CBP cell phone for the Duty Officer ( 909-382-7291) to request Landing Rights. Voice mail messages will NOT be considered a notice of arrival. The pilot must verbally communicate with the Duty Officer to request permission to land at SBD after hours. In some cases permission to land will not be granted by the Duty Officer.
  • The request for Landing Rights must be made at least 3.0 hours prior to the aircraft’s arrival at SBD on weekends or holidays. When the aircraft arrives before the arrival of the Duty Officer , the crew and passenger(s) must remain onboard the aircraft.


After permission to land had been granted:

  • Contact the Luxivair SBD at 909-382-6068 with ETA.
  • Transmit flight & passenger information to EAPIS.
  • EAPIS Arrival/Departure Location codes (Port Code 2782)
    • KSBD for General Aviation Aircraft
    • SBD for Charter / Commercial Aircraft
  • Firms Code: WAE5

Landing Rights Questions?

Office Phone: 909-382-7291

Cell Phone: 909-663-7833



General Declarations for Arriving and Departing Commercial / Charter flights may be e-mailed to:


Click here for a PDF copy of Landing Rights Request information.