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San Bernardino International Airport offers an ideal location for events such as car shows, concerts and public meetings. Our state-of-the-art outdoor facilities include over 200 acres of concrete ramp and open ramp areas, hangars and vacant land to meet a variety of location needs.

SBD offers excellent interior location opportunities as well, with our newly designed, beautiful Domestic and International Passenger Terminals featuring ticket counters, jet bridges, gate areas, TSA screening areas, baggage claim, and retail space.

Event planners will find a wide range of nearby national hotels and restaurants for added convenience. Get directions to SBD

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EVENT Application and Process

Any APPLICANT (tenant, non-tenant, or otherwise) seeking to host a Special Event on any San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) property or leasehold area MUST obtain written approval from the agency’s Executive Director as a prerequisite to hosting any such event. To initiate the approval process, APPLICANT must submit a completed Special Event Permit Application at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the proposed event. The form is available below.

Upon receipt of the Special Event Permit Application, Airport Staff will contact the APPLICANT to obtain additional information as necessary to determine the specific requirements of to the event. Note: The APPLICANT is responsible for providing all event details to the SBIAA Events Coordinator.

The following requirements must be satisfied prior to the approval of a SBIAA Special Event Permit Application:

  • Proof of insurance as required by SBIAA. Note: Do not submit any insurance with the Application. The SBIAA Events Coordinator will initiate contact to obtain documentation satisfying SBIAA’s insurance requirements for the particular event. APPLICANT must submit valid proof of insurance to SBIAA (meeting the requirements for a particular event) at least 5 business days prior to the event.
  • If SBIAA determines that Airport Operations, Security, or Maintenance Personnel are necessary to support the event, APPLICANT will be advised of the anticipated number of personnel, and the hourly rates for such personnel as may change from time to time, without prior notification or consent of APPLICANT. Note: The actual cost of SBIAA personnel in support of the Special Event will be determined and shall, at the sole discretion of SBIAA, be paid in advance, or billed to the APPLICANT after the event.
  • Fees/charges are a prerequisite for approval of a Special Event Permit, and shall include, but are not limited to:

    1. Special Event Permit Fee: $250/day. Applicable to any revenue producing Special Event (revenue includes: sponsorships, advertising, fees, charges, or any other source of income producing revenue relating to the Special Event).
    2. Property use: Fees will be based on current SBIAA property rates.
    3. Non-leasehold parking lots, based upon availability:
      •  0 – 100 spaces = $600/day
      •  100 – 200 spaces = $1,000/day
      •  200 – 300 spaces = $1,500/day
  • Equipment use, and any other applicable fees: Varies based upon type and quantity.
  • Written approval from the Executive Director.

NOTE: If you are filming your event for commercial purposes, you will require a permit from the City of San Bernardino. If you are displaying fireworks.


Please note that these applications are made available on this website for your convenience only. All applications must be submitted directly to the City of San Bernardino as outlined above.